TBC Warrior Abilities and Leveling Overview


Warrior is the most popular class in Classic by far and I mean by far. When it comes to all-around performance in PVP and especially PvE, there is quite literally no better choice than the Warrior class. Out of a possible 8 classes to pick for each faction, at the moment the rating population on nearly every single server is 20% warrior (alts included of course). The class is pretty good: best tank, best DPS, scales exceptionally, well really fun to play with the constant flow of rage and ability spam. Who doesn’t like seeing themselves at the top of the meters after all? So does this trend carry over to TBC? Well, not exactly no. Warrior was really brought much more in line. That doesn’t however mean they go from being literally the best everything they can do to the worst far from it. It’s just their legacy of dominance was taken back quite a few steps. And deservedly so I would say, since when does one class get to be the best for the entire duration of a game in an MMO (well, normal MMOs. Classic anyway is a bit of a special case). And just a side note for the class, you really can make of it what you want. That’s why the top two play classes on almost every server are warrior and mage at the moment. With that said let’s get into this. What’s new for the warrior then?

Warrior TBC Abilities

There are lots of new additions to utility. That’s what rage generation has changed a bit – this should be correct for 2.43. Actual normalization of rage gain wasn’t a thing until Kata by the way. 

Also, the Heroic Strike queuing should still be working too. Also not removed till cataclysm as the heroic strike was made an instant attack than not a next melee attack.

A new Shout was added. Commanding shout gives your party a bunch of extra health. It’s either this or battle shout, so make sure you keep the right one up. 

Victory Rush was also a thing in TBC. It doesn’t heal as it does in later expansions. Though but it doesn’t have any rage costs. So a free bit of extra damage whilst leveling or to get resets in PvE. It’s something I guess. 

Intervene was another addition. You may be noticing a trend here not much new on the damage front. It’s like charge or intercept but for an ally redirecting the next melee or ranged attack, only usable in the defensive distance. Pretty solid can be good in PvE to get back in range of an enemy, when someone decides they want to run away from the tank, instead of towards them when they get aggro. You know who you are and is a very high skill capability in PVP which can hard counter some cc setups. 

Speaking about PVP, Spell Reflection is something to keep you alive against those pesky mages. Well, perhaps for one additional global. It’s a good ability, kind of easily telegraphed though, as the warrior has to put on the sword and board to use it. In PvE it gives you a button to press against casters, through some harder hitting effects from bosses will just prevent the damage, but not actually reflect the spell, unfortunately. Finally whilst not a new active ability. It’s pretty good, so I’ll give it a mention.

That is Stance Mastery. So you know how without tactical mastery changing stances feels completely terrible as your rage is reset to zero. Either way with this new passive you get to keep 10 rage when you change stance. Pretty good. Tactical mastery still exists too and stacks with this. Though it’s been downgraded from 25 rage kept to 15 

My thoughts on Warrior TBC Leveling

I thought leveling as a warrior was going to be terrible in Classic. And to be honest the early levels kind of felt like your role-playing a level 15 NPC that has about one meaningful ability. But once you get through some levels, you pick up sweeping strikes, whirlwind, mortal strike. The class really comes alive and it’s a lot of fun. Admittedly, I did level as much as I could with world buffs, and even in TBC they still work up to level 63. Though I wouldn’t really expect any to be getting reset or dropped multiple times a day anymore, as people move on to the new content or, you know, just boost past the whole thing. But with Victory Rush, more readily available gear through early quests, especially weapons, I reckon it won’t be quite as painful as it’s been made out to be. Also stuck upon bandages and potions the usual for warriors really. Also, whatever you hear about warriors, their aoe is very good for a melee class at least. They are strong in dungeon content or where their ability to cleave will come in such as Kara or Zed a right.